Injury and disability can be life changing — even catastrophic, and the law relating to personal injury and disability insurance is complex.

Your choice of lawyer is a serious decision. Always take a close look.

Skilled Lawyers

You deserve the legal advice and representation of skilled lawyers with proven experience winning cases, whether you have been:

  • injured in a car accident
  • injured in a motorcycle accident
  • injured in a bicycle accident
  • injured as a result of other kinds of negligence
  • physically or mentally disabled as a result of ill health

Flashy images, catchy slogans and jingles are no substitute for real skill and experience. In today’s legal market, when it’s impossible to be a Toronto Blue Jays or Ottawa Senators fan without being distracted by law firm advertising, it is even more important to know and understand what really goes into a successful case and to discern what it takes to be the best lawyer for you. Tough is not necessarily skilled, and all that glitters is not gold.

Skilled lawyers get the best results by working hard up-close, starting right at the beginning, taking nothing for granted and continuing to pursue their understanding of the facts throughout the case, so that nobody knows the details better.

Skilled lawyers know that every case is different, involving unique and personal facts. They know that there can never be any short cuts to achieving a thorough understanding. There is no app for this. Written questionnaires do not get the real story. Skilled lawyers know that in every case a complete and exacting investigation is required.

Skilled lawyers know how to take a case all the way. While the large majority of cases settle out of court, the best settlements are achieved because the lawyer representing the injured or disabled client has lots of experience in court and a reputation for not backing down.

Local Lawyers

Local lawyers have the advantage of knowing the people and places where you live. This is an undeniable advantage in understanding and proving your case. Skilled local lawyers know how to put this advantage to work, with accident scene investigations, and with face-to-face contact with police, doctors, employers and all of the other people that know you and can help bring your case to life.

Long distance relationships seldom succeed. The personal contact is missing, and so is the attention. The same goes for the lawyer and client. Avoid distractions. When you choose a lawyer to represent you in your injury or disability case, choose one who has the time and commitment to see and hear you up close, for real and face-to-face.

Injured and disabled clients who hire skilled local lawyers have the advantage of direct contact with their lawyer, with face-to-face meetings and all of the communications required to get the real story.

All of the advantages of hiring a skilled local lawyer work both ways — when you choose a skilled local lawyer, you choose a lawyer that understands you, and a lawyer that you understand.

At Kelly + Kelly we are skilled local lawyers serving Pembroke, Petawawa and all parts of Renfrew County, for a quarter century.

For your car accident, motorcycle accident, bicycle accident, other personal injury as a result of negligence, or for your long-term disability insurance claim if you have become physically or mentally disabled as a result of ill health, contact us now, to take a close look.