It’s very hard to resolve legal matters, especially complex ones, if you do not have a lawyer. And winning — whether by settlement or by trial — depends on strong and effective legal advice and representation provided by a skilled lawyer. For a lot of people, finding and hiring the right lawyer is a big part of the battle — yet, access to justice depends on it.

At Kelly+Kelly we believe in access to justice and we recognize that access to justice involves money. We also know that few people can easily afford the cost of legal services. So, in every case we do our best to ensure that our fees are affordable.

The reality is that a person suffering from personal injury or disability is usually least able of all to afford legal services, and therefore, at the greatest risk of being denied access to justice. Furthermore, in most personal injury and disability cases there is a power imbalance of David and Goliath proportions: while the injured or disabled person is financially strained and emotionally depleted, insurance companies have lots of money, and lots of resources.

At Kelly+Kelly we know that the only way a person suffering from personal injury or disability can have access to justice and win their case is to hire a skilled and resourceful lawyer who is willing to take on the financial risk of the case. That’s why in personal injury and disability cases we work on a contingency fee basis: YOU PAY NO FEE UNTIL WE WIN! Because we have a financial investment in your case, there’s no room for us to hold back — we provide you access to justice and pursue the delivery of justice with equal commitment.

At Kelly+Kelly we believe we’re paid to think and we’re paid to do. To win any kind of case you must do both. It takes hard work. There’s no substitute. We always assume that there’s more to know. We start right at the beginning taking nothing for granted, and we continue to pursue our understanding of the facts throughout the case so that nobody knows the case better.

Every case is different, involving unique and personal facts. So, there can never be any short cuts to achieving a thorough understanding. Long distance phone calls are not good enough. Written questionnaires do not get the real story. Google Earth investigations never replace going there, getting out, looking around and finding and talking to people face-to-face.

There’s no app for this type of work — and there never will be. In every case, a complete and exacting investigation is required. That’s the approach at Kelly+Kelly, because understanding the facts — and winning — depends on it.

As local lawyers we have the undeniable advantage of knowing the people and places where you live. Nothing in the Upper Ottawa Valley is foreign or unfamiliar to us. With a quarter-century of experience here, we know how to put this advantage to work. We reach out to accident scene investigations, and make face-to-face contact with police, doctors, employers, and all of the other people that know you and can help bring your case to life.

Sometimes though, even with the most timely and exhaustive investigation, questions remain and explanations are required.

Winning cases depends on evidence with no gaps or holes. So, as important as it is to complete a thorough investigation of the facts, it’s equally important to recognize when the facts are not self-evident — when questions and explanations must be addressed by the specialized knowledge and experience of an expert witness.

At Kelly+Kelly we find and hire the best expert witnesses so that your case is thoroughly understood, with no unanswered questions and no missing explanations.

In short, we take a close look at everything.

Ultimately, winning cases requires the skill and reputation of lawyers who know how to take a case all the way. While the great majority of cases settle out of court, the best settlements are achieved because the lawyer representing the injured or disabled client has lots of experience in court and a reputation for not backing down. At Kelly+Kelly, we have years of trial experience and know-how to rely on in achieving the best possible result — whether by settlement or trial.