Accidents and injuries can be life-changing. At Kelly + Kelly Lawyers our goal is to help people and families injured in car accidents, falls and other traumatic events, so that they can adapt to these changes, recover their losses, and not be devastated by them.

The law and the legal system are complex. People and families dealing with injuries or fatalities cannot fight the legal battle alone. Fair compensation can only be obtained with a full understanding of the law and of the legal means of seeking recourse, along with years of experience in achieving success, and a reputation for doing so.

Like the law and the legal system, the consequences of accidents, trauma, injury and death are also complex. No two stories are the same. At Kelly + Kelly Lawyers we believe that an understanding of the facts and details, and the subtle connections within the lives of people and families dealing with injuries or fatalities, is achieved through listening. And, we know that, ultimately, an understanding of how your life has been changed is the key to the best outcome in any case.

At Kelly + Kelly Lawyers we have successfully helped people and families dealing with various catastrophic and non-catastrophic injuries including:
• traumatic brain injuries
• spinal cord injuries
• multiple and complicated fractures of the back, limbs, and joints
• soft tissue injuries and chronic pain
• psychological conditions including depression and post-traumatic shock disorder

Let us help you.