The ability to work, and the opportunity to do so, are both essential to a person’s security. The onset of illness or injury making it too hard to work is frightening, like standing on a precipice.

Insurance policies providing disability benefits are supposed to be like a bridge. Too often that bridge feels shaky, and short.

At Kelly + Kelly Lawyers we have years of knowledge and experience dealing with insurance companies to help our clients make sure that illness or injury does not mean financial ruin. We communicate with insurance companies to show them why disability benefits must be paid, and not stopped. We sue insurance companies when they fail or refuse to do what the insurance policy says they must.

At Kelly + Kelly Lawyers we have successfully provided legal help for people and families dealing with the uncertainty of disability claims, so that they can get on with dealing with health. We do our best to make sure the bridge is as solid as possible, for your security.

Let us help you.