Fires, floods, and other disasters threaten our homes and property. We all protect our homes and property, and we buy insurance policies so that our property can be restored in the event of damage or loss.

Property insurance claims can be complex. And, what is supposed to be a good faith relationship between the insurance company and the insured person can sometimes go bad. Rights and obligations under the policy are not always obvious – sometimes the language of a policy requires legal interpretation.

At Kelly + Kelly Lawyers we have years of knowledge and experience dealing with insurance companies to help our clients make sure that they are indemnified and restored after loss or damage. We communicate with insurance companies to insist on the relationship of good faith, and to pursue the meaning and intent of the insurance policy in the fairest way possible. We sue insurance companies when they fail or refuse to pay what they should.

Our goal is to enforce the protections you paid for when you bought your policy.

Let us help you.