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Caroline Kelly | LLB

“I approach family law with the firm belief that nothing good comes from hostility and unfairness, along with the experience and sense to acknowledge that acrimony can be natural. In my view, effective representation requires knowledge and appreciation of the law, combined with the skills and confidence to direct the case above and beyond hostility and acrimony to the most economical, rational and fair resolution.”

Caroline received her education at the University of Toronto and the University of Ottawa. She has been in private practice since 1994, representing clients from across Canada in courts in Pembroke, the Ottawa Valley, and the Capital Region. She acts as both a mediator and an arbitrator. In addition to her private practice, Caroline is a Deputy Judge of the Small Claims Court.

Ms. Kelly started as a general practitioner, working in the areas of family, criminal and civil litigation and conveyancing. After obtaining a broad range of legal experience she began concentrating her practice in the area of family law. She was the first practitioner in Renfrew County to have a concentrated practice in family law and has continued this focus for over seventeen years.

Ms. Kelly has extensive experience appearing before the Ontario Court of Justice, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, and the Divisional Court. She enjoys tackling the most difficult family law cases, often involving complex property and support issues, trust claims and high-conflict custody/access disputes. She is skilled in diffusing high conflict disputes in the early stages and maintains her clients’ focus on achieving the best possible results in a timely and cost efficient manner. Where litigation is the best option for her client, Caroline provides effective representation at every stage – from motions to conferences to trials and appeals. She also has extensive experience in drafting and advising on domestic contracts, including separation agreements, in carrying out family adoptions and in seeking declarations of parentage.

Through years of representing clients, Ms. Kelly has developed a valuable professional network of business valuators, appraisers, social workers, psychologists and other experts, who are available to assist clients in evaluating their claims and who bring unbiased expert evidence to the negotiation table or the court room.

Caroline is the President of the Renfrew County Law Association and the chair of the Renfrew County Family Law Association. She is also a member of the Law Society of Ontario, the County of Carleton Law Association, and the Ontario Deputy Judges Association.

Outside of work, Caroline can be found cycling, sailing or running. She grew up in a family of professional musicians. She shares her passion for music and athletics with her husband and their three daughters.

Caroline is available to meet with you at the Kelly + Kelly Lawyers office in Pembroke, or at the Kelly + Kelly Lawyers consultation office in Ottawa.

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