Every successful legal case begins and ends with a thorough understanding of the facts. While this principle may seem obvious, we’ve all seen or heard about cases where it is neglected or overlooked entirely. There may be lots of explanations for misunderstandings, but there is no excuse.

At Kelly + Kelly we always assume that there is more to know. We start right at the beginning, taking nothing for granted, and we continue to pursue our understanding of the facts throughout the case, so that nobody knows the case better.

Every case is different, involving unique and personal facts. So, there can never be any short cuts to achieving a thorough understanding. In every case, a complete and exacting investigation is required. That is the approach at Kelly + Kelly, because understanding the facts — and winning — depends on it.

In short, we take a close look at everything.

We are able to investigate and understand the facts, because we are here in Renfrew County, now.

A Close Look is a Timely Look

In a car accident, motorcycle accident or bicycle accident case the facts of how the accident happened are crucial. There’s no substitute for seeing and documenting the scene of the crash and the damaged vehicles right away, before the tire marks fade or the vehicles are sold. Similarly, witness accounts provided weeks or months after an accident pale in comparison to timely witness interviews and statements, and contemporaneous photographs and video.

At Kelly + Kelly we investigate the accident right away so that we can capture the evidence to understand the facts and prove your case. This involves immediately:

  • visiting the scene
  • contacting police and other emergency agencies and personnel
  • obtaining the Motor Vehicle Accident Report
  • finding and interviewing witnesses
  • collecting and preserving photographs and video taken at or near the time of the accident
  • examining and photographing the damaged vehicles,
  • communicating with the at-fault driver and his or her insurer to obtain and preserve vehicle event data recordings
  • communicating with the at-fault driver and his or her insurer to obtain and preserve cellular phone records including text messaging
  • retaining experts where appropriate
  • searching Court records for related Highway Traffic Act or Criminal Code charges, proceedings and convictions

A Close Look is a Face-to-Face Look — Right Away

Just as we have to understand how the accident happened, we have to understand what the accident did to you. We need the facts, from the beginning. There’s no substitute for an immediate face-to-face meeting. That face-to-face meeting is essential to the trust and understanding that you and your case deserve.

At Kelly + Kelly we make sure to meet you in person, at our office or in your home — right away. At that meeting we begin to collect all of the evidence you can provide about how the accident happened and about your injuries. Accomplishing that involves:

  • interviewing you face-to-face
  • obtaining releases and authorizations from you so that we can obtain insurance, vehicle, medical, employment and educational records
  • providing you advice and guidance on how to co-operate and communicate with other people involved or interested in your accident, including police, insurance companies, medical assessors and treatment providers
  • discussion about hiring independent experts to investigate, assess and provide opinions about the accident and your injuries