In personal injury cases, clear and compelling evidence of the consequences of an injury on the life of the injured person and his or her family is crucial to winning. That evidence must tell a story — one that goes to the mind and heart of the listener.

The only way to understand and tell the real story of the consequences of an injury on the life of an injured person is to know and understand the injured person from the perspective of those people who know his or her day-to-day life. These people, unlike medical doctors and other professional treatment providers, witness the injured person’s most ordinary, practical and human losses and struggles, and they can describe what they have seen in plain terms. These people are called lay witnesses.

At Kelly + Kelly we know that identifying, finding and getting to know the lay witnesses who can help tell the real story of the consequences of personal injury for our clients is essential to a thorough understanding of the facts. It is one of the foundations of our philosophy and approach as personal injury lawyers, and one of the keys to our success.

A Close Look at Lay Witnesses is a Close Look at You

At Kelly + Kelly we work to identify, find and get to know lay witnesses right at the beginning and throughout the case, so that nobody knows the case better. This part of our investigation is crucial to our ability to deliver the evidence and tell your story to the insurance companies, other lawyers and decision makers that may have to consider that evidence in the resolution of a case, and to the Court.

At Kelly + Kelly we do our best to meet lay witnesses in person, face-to-face, at our offices or in their home. That face-to-face meeting is essential to the trust and understanding that you and your case deserve. There is no substitute.

We are able to identify, find and get to know lay witnesses so that we can tell your story because we are here in Renfrew County, now.

For indepth understanding of the role of lay witnesses in personal injury cases at Kelly + Kelly, read Lay Witnesses: Fundamental, Not Supplemental written and presented by Christopher B. Kelly at the Ontario Trial Lawyers Association (OTLA) Fall Conference 2015.